Bucyrus Secondary School

2018-2019 First Quarter Discipline Report

For the 1st quarter of the 2018-19 school year, grades 6-8, three (3) report of intimidation, harassment, bullying was reported.  One report used the conventional hard copy method (red form) while the other two were through the STOPit program   There has been 14 reports that have been received through the “Stopit – DOCUMEMTit  on-line program  over the past 60 days.   All 14 of those have been reviewed and closed.  None of these reports met the criteria for bullying (although 2 were identified with characteristics but proven otherwise).   I have handled these in the following manner/s; education intervention, discipline within the school setting, or did not fall under the guise of harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying policy.

Updated: 10/29/18