Pi Day is more than 3.14 for Bucyrus Elementary students

Pi Day is more than 3.14 for Bucyrus Elementary students
Posted on 04/11/2016

March 14 is special for mathematicians, engineers and anyone who loves numbers. 3.14 is celebrated globally as Pi Day. For the fourth consecutive year, fifth grade students at Bucyrus Elementary School celebrated with a contest to see who could memorize the most digits of pi.

The number pi, or 3.14, goes on for infinity. Memorizing the first one hundred digits of the number is a fantastic accomplishment, but Ella Hoover memorized and recited the first 115 digits of pi and was this year’s contest winner. Taking second place honors was Daiki Tajiri, who memorized and recited the first 87 digits of pi. Hannah Shreck memorized and recited the first 69 digits of pi and came in third.

“We always try to find unique ways to celebrate Pi Day each year,” fifth grade math teacher Jackie Fruth said. “The students who participated in this year’s contest did a great job memorizing and reciting pi.”

Other students taking part in the competition, and reciting more than 20 digits of pi, included: Faith Treese, Riley Parker, Drew Rose, Tyson O'Brien, Quintessa Spellbound, Adriana Clark, Maddison McDaniel, Weston Delaney, Natalye Surgener, Micah Heil, Madalyn Kimmel, Sierra Frost, Adacyn Rister, Dylan Carr, Carlee Dauchenbaugh, Brooklyn Johnson, Jake Hamm, Samantha Farrar, Joseph Rager, and Dylan Lanker.

“Our math teachers do a great job finding new ways to engage our students and celebrate Pi Day,” Associate Principal Timothy Souder said. “We are very proud of the effort and time all the students committed to memorizing and reciting pi.”

For more information about this year’s Pi Day activities, contact Jackie Fruth at 419-562-6089 or email jfruth@bucyrusschools.org.