Community Counseling Services, Inc. recognized for their support of Bucyrus students

Community Counseling Services, Inc. recognized for their support of Bucyrus students
Posted on 04/01/2015

Students face more challenges today than ever both in and out of the classroom. Many times, these students do not have an ear to listen their challenges or a shoulder to cry on when those challenges they're facing become overwhelming.

Students at both the Bucyrus Elementary and Secondary Schools have, for several years, had the opportunity to work with therapists from Community Counseling Services, Inc. thanks to the work of Clinical Director Cindy Wallis. Her tireless work helping students in the Bucyrus City School District was recognized during the regular meeting of the Board of Education March 31.

"Cindy Wallis has been a huge supporter of the Bucyrus City School District over the past several years," Secondary School Student Advocate Beth Constantine said. "She has been instrumental in getting therapists from her organization into both schools to allow our students and their families easy access to quality mental health-related services."

Wallis and her staff have also played key roles in working with students connected with Wrap Around services. These individuals think outside the box to come up with unconventional solutions that might help to remove barriers our students and families face.

"Cindy shows her support for the Bucyrus City School District by the positive words she shares throughout the community about our district," Constantine said. "Her routine presence in our buildings and willingness to help problem solve challenging situations we sometimes face has been critical to the success of many students in our district."

Wallis has also made a huge impact on the district through her coordination of the Signs of Suicide program. This program helps increase awareness and includes screenings for students to identify those who may be at risk for depression and suicide.

"On behalf of the Board of Education, I would like to personally thank Cindy Wallis for her unwavering dedication and support to the students and families of the Bucyrus City School District," Superintendent Kevin Kimmel. "We have great partnerships with many community organizations, and our relationship with Cindy and Community Counseling Services, Inc. has had a tremendously positive impact on our students, their families and our staff."