Bucyrus senior presents Senior Capstone Project to Board of Education

Bucyrus senior presents Senior Capstone Project to Board of Education
Posted on 05/28/2015

Senior capstone projects are now part of the norm for students in the Bucyrus City School District, as they have been for some time for students at Pioneer Career and Technology Center. Autumn Schwartz, a Bucyrus senior enrolled at Pioneer, had the opportunity to present her Senior Capstone Project to the Bucyrus Board of Education during the regular meeting in April.

Schwartz, who describes herself as a quiet student, was honored when Bucyrus Superintendent Kevin Kimmel asked her to present her project to the Board. Autumn wrote, edited, designed and bound a children’s book, "Lovely Time of the Celestial Heart," for her project.

"It is really cool to get all this attention for something that I had to do," Schwartz said. "It's overwhelming to have everyone think so highly of the project I completed."

Throughout her presentation during the meeting, it was evident that Schwartz was very passionate about the work, dedication and time she invested in her project. While she prepared a presentation for the Board, the finished book she presented to them captivated the members.

"The best part of the whole project was designing everything," she said. "I absolutely loved designing all the little clip art images throughout the entire book."

While the project had many great parts that Schwartz enjoyed, including reconnecting with her best friend, there were two parts of the project that presented the greatest challenge for her.

"The math and the cutting of the book were the two biggest challenges for me with this project," Autumn said. "I don't like math and the cutting was just awful!"

Schwartz’s senior project was recognized as one of best of the class of 2015 at Pioneer. She received a total of $800 in scholarship monies from the Gorman Family Foundation. After graduation, Autumn plans to pursue a degree in advertising and art at the School of Advertising and Art in Kettering, Ohio. She plans to make her career in art after graduation.

"Autumn did a tremendous job presenting her project during the Board meeting," Bucyrus Superintendent Kevin Kimmel said. “Her passion for her work and the finished book were very evident, and we are excited to see what the future has in store for this outstanding young woman."