Bucyrus Secondary School places second in national contest

Bucyrus Secondary School places second in national contest
Posted on 12/18/2015
The Bucyrus Secondary School placed second in the Sodexo Healthy High School Competition held during the month of October 2015. As a second place finisher, the school will receive one of three $2,500.00 prize from the Sodexo Foundation.

Sodexo’s Healthy High School Challenge is a national competition encouraging students to make healthy food choices, which in turn earns points for their school. At the end of the Challenge, the school with the most points wins the top prize of $5,000. More than 100 schools competed for total of 56 cash prizes in the contest.

“The Secondary School students really embraced the competition and the idea of trying to win $5,000 for the school,” Food Services General Manager Lorie Pennington said. “Our goal for this Challenge was to not only win a prize, but also and more importantly, to help our students learn the importance of making healthy food choices every day.”

The Sodexo Healthy High School Challenge is an engaging way to get students to think about and make healthy food choices. High school programs managed by Sodexo around the country tried to out-perform each other by earning points for served balanced plate meals and healthy a la carte snacks and beverages.

“This is a huge accomplishment for our school,” Secondary School Principal Dr. Mark Burke said. “We are very lucky to have individuals, like Mrs. Pennington and her staff, working diligently to ensure our students have healthy food choices every day during the school year.”

“I want to congratulate our Secondary School students, Dr. Burke and Mrs. Pennington and her staff on this tremendous accomplishment,” Superintendent Kevin Kimmel said. “We are incredibly fortunate to have a Food Services department that takes pride in providing many healthy food choices for our students.”