Bucyrus Elementary students want to know if you're a Redmen Reader

Bucyrus Elementary students want to know if you're a Redmen Reader
Posted on 11/20/2015
Inspiration comes in many forms. The students and staff at Bucyrus Elementary School have been inspired for years to become fluent readers, thanks in no small part to the efforts of now-retired Literacy Coach Deb Hoover.

The students decided, thanks to ideas from gifted coordinator Carrie Wood and gifted teacher Michelle Vance, to prepare a video to show Hoover their appreciation for her efforts.

“Our fifth grade gifted students wanted to do something special for Deb, so they decided a video focused on literacy was the best route,” Wood said. “These students were involved in every step of the pre-production process and the recording of the different scenes.”

The students first developed the script for the video, and then created the storyboard with the guidance of Wood and Vance. Not only did the students decide to focus on reading and literacy, but they also wanted to integrate the different habits from The Leader in Me program currently being implemented in the building.

“These students really opened Pandora’s Box when they decided to incorporate the seven habits of The Leader in Me,” Vance said. “It was absolutely incredible to see them working together towards a common goal.”

The final result of the students’ hard work is a video featuring nearly 50 students from preschool to fifth grade. The video was unveiled during the regular Board of Education meeting Nov. 19.

“We are all impressed with the quality of work by our fifth grade gifted students, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Vance,” Board of Education President Bradley Murtiff said. “This video not only showcases the incredible talent of our students and staff, but it also pays tribute to current and past staff members and the impact they’ve made on these students, especially Mrs. Hoover.”

The video can be viewed by visiting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0_dACkvJuY. Please contact Carrie Wood or Michelle Vance at 419-562-6089 to learn more about Bucyrus literacy and gifted programs.