Bucyrus Elementary gifted students teach parents new skills

Bucyrus Elementary gifted students teach parents new skills
Posted on 06/22/2015

Third, fourth and fifth grade students in the Bucyrus Elementary School gifted program showed their skills and talents for their families during a special program May 27. The students, with the help of Gifted Intervention Specialist Mrs. Michelle Vance, planned a full night of activities to showcase all they had learned during the school year.

Students served as instructors and taught their guests how to do something they learned. The hottest topic of the evening was computer programming. Students were introduced to coding through participation in the National Hour of Code campaign last November.

"Each student picked several lessons they felt challenged them during the school year," Vance said. "Once they chose their topics to share with parents, they made lesson plans and perfected their lessons."

Since being introduced to coding, the students built upon their skills and developed complex interactive games, stories and more. The students' skills will be highlighted in the fall edition of the Ohio Gifted Children Association magazine.

"The students did a fantastic job preparing for the evening's activities," Vance said. "The event was well attended and everyone enjoyed the experience of learning new skills from the students."

In addition to the coding demonstrations, students also shared PowerPoint techniques, Excel spreadsheets, how to make voice and text QR codes and more. Fifth grade students shared their special Genius Hour and Consumer Science research projects, while fourth grade students shared their Bucyrus research project about the mural on the square.

For more information about the Bucyrus Elementary School Gifted Program, please contact Mr. Tim Souder or Mrs. Michelle Vance at 419-562-6089.