Annual Bucyrus Showchoir "Redmen Revue" Nov. 12

Annual Bucyrus Showchoir "Redmen Revue" Nov. 12
Posted on 11/09/2016

The Bucyrus High School Players Showchoir is excited to present its annual “Redmen Revue” at 7:00 p.m. in the Bucyrus Secondary School Little Theatre Saturday, Nov. 12.

This event is designed to bring alumni back to the community and showcase talents of current and past staff members for current students and the community.

“This is a great program that our students, alumni and current and retired staff have come to enjoy,” said Director of Choirs Kaitlyn Fourman. “This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the many talents of not just our students and alumni, but also the Bucyrus staff, and I hope the Bucyrus community will join us to show their support.”

While this event is centered on strengthening alumni and community relations, it is also serving as a fundraiser. Attendees are being asked to donate $5, which will be used for the cost of costumes for the Bucyrus Players Showchoir.

There are still spaces available for alumni, current staff members and retired staff members wishing to participate in the “Redmen Revue.” Please contact Kaitlyn Fourman at for complete details and to register for the event.