School Improvement

Bucyrus City Schools Public School Choice

Under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), school districts arerequired, under some circumstances, to provide parents and theirchildren with the option of using public school choice (PSC) orsupplemental educational services (SES). These options can be used when astudent’s school is a Title I served building that has not demonstratedAdequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for three years. When this occurs, theschool is considered to be in School Improvement Year 2 Status (SI Year2).

The students at the Bucyrus Secondary School are eligible for thisassistance because the school did not meet the NCLB goal in Reading andMath on the May 2011 achievement test and therefore did not meet AYP. During the 2010/11 school year the district did not have any studentswho participated in PCS and SES.  The maximum amount the district canspend per student for SES is twelve hundred eighty eight dollars andeighty-six cents.  The maximum allowable allocation for PSC / SES is OneHundred Fifteen Thousand, Five Hundred Fifty Six Dollars and ElevenCents.

Under PSC the following options are available:

  1. Remain at the current school. 
  2. Transfer to another school that has made AYP.  This is not an option at this time because there are no other middle school buildings in our district.  These students are also not able to transfer to another district in our area because no other district has the same building configuration as our Middle school (a building with grades 5-8). 

Students eligible for Supplemental Educational Services (SES) arethose students from low-income families who attend a Title I servedschool in School Improvement Year 2 or higher, including correctiveaction, or restructuring. Priority is given to the lowest achievingeligible students.

More information from the State of Ohio on this can be found here.

Parents will have the opportunity to work with teachers andadministrators in the school to identify their children’s needs and howthese needs can be met with supplemental outside help in the areas ofreading, language arts and math. SES can take place before or afterschool and/or on weekends at the providers' location per parent choice.

To assist parents in selecting an SES provider that best meets theirchild’s needs, and to assure that these services are aligned with Ohio’sAcademic Content Standards, the Ohio Department of Education hasdeveloped a list of state-approved providers by school district. 

A list of the providers offering tutoring services for the BucyrusSecondary School students, the locations and special programming ispending upon the availability of the document from the Ohio Departmentof Education.