Education Foundation


"Together we can help the young people of today prepare for tomorrow"

Vacant: President
Vacant: Vice-President
Ed Kurek: Secretary
David Wise: Treasurer

The Bucyrus City Schools' Education Foundation was founded in 1998 and is associated with the Bucyrus Area Community Foundation.

The Foundation's primary purposes are:

  • To provide funding for individual grants to teachers to support excellence in teaching
  • To establish support for expanding the arts for the students
  • To award the Bridges Grant. The Bridges award is given each year in memory of John and Grace Bridges, long-time residents of Bucyrus and strong supporters of the school system in Crawford County. This special award provides grants to local teachers that will enrich the classroom programs and broaden the educational experience of the young minds of students in the Bucyrus system.

Current projects of the Foundation are:

  • Endowment programs in support of the schools' curriculum
  • Cultural programs in art, music, and the performing arts
  • Financial aid and assistance to graduates
  • Field trips, assemblies, and awards
  • Teacher grants
  • Support of the annual Arts Festival
  • Music education endowment
  • Developing new projects to support educational goals

Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible and can be made several ways:

  • Outright gifts-cash donations, stocks, securities, or property to be used for general or specific purposes
  • Honorary gifts-funds and bequests to honor a relative, friend, or staff member, or to commemorate a special event, such as a retirement, birth or achievement
  • Deferred gifts-bequests

Donations to the Bucyrus Education Foundation can be made through the Bucyrus Area Community Foundation.  When using the online form, be sure to change the “Direct my gift to” field to “Bucyrus City School Endowment Fund”.

Download a mini grant application

Download the 2017-2018 Bridges Grant Application