Booster Groups


We, the Bucyrus School Community, inspire students to:

  • Achieve excellence
  • Realize unlimited potential
  • Discover their passions 
  • Become outstanding members of society


To stimulate school and community interest in the Bucyrus City Schools academic, athletic, and band programs.

To foster friendly assocation and cooperation among the school administration, staffs, and fans of Bucyrus.

To foster and promote above all, a good sportsmanlike attitude and conduct at all times.


Academics: Marsha Sheerer

Athletics: Wayne Kohler

Band: Teresa Shultz and Susie Walters


The "All Booster" meetings will be held the second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the BSS library. Athletic, Academic, and Band Boosters will meet individually after the "All Booster" meeting concludes at approximately 7 p.m.


Membership Drive

Reverse Raffle (benefits Academic and Athletic Boosters)