Middle School choir concert update

The following is a message sent by Secondary School Principal Dr. Mark Burke to all Middle School families whose students will be performing in the Middle School choir concert Monday, Dec 17.

“This message is for all middle school choir students participating in choir concert scheduled on Monday, December 17th. The location of the choir concert has been changed to the Secondary Building. The relocation of the concert and the seating capacity of our theater, is requiring us to offer a split-session concert. The 6th grade choir will perform at 7:00 PM and conclude at approximately 7:30 PM. Once finished 6th grade students will be released to their parents and dismissed for the evening. When the little theater is cleared, our 7th and 8th grade students and parents are welcome to enter the little theater. The 7th and 8th grade concert will begin at approximately 7:45 PM. If you have any questions about the concert or the change in location please contact our middle school office at 419-562-0003.”