Bucyrus students attend Safety and Wellness Day

As part of Bucyrus City Schools’ commitment to foster student growth in all areas of life, High School and Middle School students participated in a Safety and Wellness Day Nov. 2nd. In all over 580 students learned about physical and virtual safety.

Officers from the Bucyrus Police Department assisted in training the students on how to be aware of situations and students who may cause a threat to school safety. Officer Stahl and Officer Mata, School Resource Officers, also explained how to respond in a crisis. With supervision from Transportation Director Rick Rawson and teachers, students practiced evacuating a school bus.

Cindy Wallis from Community Counseling spoke to students about internet safety. Ms. Wallis provided information on online bullying, online predators, human trafficking, online relationships, and the legal consequences of online behaviors. In a similar session, students were taught about social media safety through a classroom PowerPoint presentation.

Mental health is another important aspect of a student’s well-being, so Kristin Garn, also from Community Counseling informed students on signs of suicide. The session provided students with what the physical, mental, and emotional signs of depression are and how to recognize it in one’s self or in a friend.

Dr. Mark Burke, Bucyrus Secondary School Principal, said the day was a success. “We heard some great feedback, with many saying that the information presented was good and much needed.”

For more information or questions about the program, please contact Dr. Mark Burke at mburke@bucyrusschools.org.