Bucyrus Middle School offers new elective in Landscape Design

In an effort to offer as many educational experiences to prepare students for college or the work-force, a landscape design class started in the 2017-2018 school year at Bucyrus Middle School.

The course is offered to 7th and 8th grade students and gives them the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment, learning the basics of designing an outdoor landscape and caring for various plant life. This course also allows students to bring together ideas and concepts from across their curriculum. Teacher Scott Mental, who also teaches middle school art, said, “Any opportunity that allows students to incorporate what they were taught in science and health classes and actually see and put into practice is an opportunity that we strive to provide for our students.”

Currently, there are 37 students enrolled in the course. The number is down from its initial offering, but Mental said it was necessary. “In the first semester that the course was offered we had over 70 students choose it as an elective to their education plan. This semester in an effort to reduce student to teacher ratio, we currently have the 37 students split between two classes.”

This school year has already presented several projects to the students in Landscape Design class such as learning how to properly trim and train trees and bushes. The students then took this training and put it into to practice on the grounds of the Secondary School, cleaning and restoring the arboretum as well as the rest of the trees on campus. Mental said the work doesn’t stop just because the weather has cooled off. “We bring the course work back inside with students focusing the core concepts of Landscape Design while laying out actual landscapes.”

Dr. Mark Burke, principal of Bucyrus Secondary School said the landscape course is adding value to every student at Bucyrus Secondary School. “I’m very excited about the projects from the Landscaping Design course. I believe once the greenhouse is built all our students are going to have a richer student experience.”

For more information or questions about the program, please contact Scott Mental at smental@bucyrusschools.org.