New Bucyrus Digital Sign

Bucyrus bank continues to positively impact Bucyrus City Schools

First Federal Community Bank is an ardent supporter of local organizations, school districts and events in Bucyrus and Crawford County. The bank continued to show that support through a donation to the Bucyrus Secondary School to update the school’s digital sign.

The sign, located at the intersection of West Perry Street and Crawford Street, was originally installed as part of the district’s building renovations in 2009. The original sign never worked quite the way Secondary School Principal Dr. Mark Burke had hoped, so he decided the time was now to make an upgrade.

“There is a lot of traffic that travels in front of our building,” Dr. Burke said. “Our new digital sign gives us the ability to provide important flash updates on the events taking place in the Bucyrus High School and Middle School.”

A group of Bucyrus High School students spearheaded a fundraising effort for the new sign. The students approached First Federal Community Bank because they had witnessed the bank’s support of similar projects.

“We were approached because they know we strongly support not only Bucyrus, but all of the local schools,” First Federal Community Bank President Brad Murtiff said. “Our communities and businesses benefit from the best efforts of our local schools, and it is in all of our best interests to support the administration, teachers and students.”

The donation by First Federal Community Bank made the new sign possible without the use of general fund monies provided by the city’s taxpayers to the Bucyrus City School District. The donation to Bucyrus, like the many others provided in Crawford County, aligns with two of the bank’s core values.

“Any financial support that we provide allows the schools to spend the taxpayer’s money on things that educate kids, and keep kids healthy, safe and happy,” Murtiff said. “We have two sayings that we live by: We are here to make good things happen for others, and Community is our middle name, and these projects are an extension of those statements.”

In addition to this donation, First Federal Community Bank also provides monetary support for financial literacy efforts in the Bucyrus City School District. The bank’s employees provide countless hours volunteering in the district to help enhance and further the overall education of Bucyrus students.

“I can’t say enough positive things about First Federal Community Bank and its support of our school district,” Bucyrus Superintendent Kevin Kimmel. “I want to thank the bank’s Board of Directors, Mr. Murtiff and the senior management team for their unwavering commitment in supporting the education of all Bucyrus and Crawford County children.”

All of the bank’s employees live in the communities they serve, its senior management are longtime Crawford County residents and members of the bank’s Board of Directors are, or were, local business professionals. From the Chairman of the Board to the friendly tellers at the bank’s locations, First Federal Community Bank’s donation to the Bucyrus City School District shows its commitment and belief in strong community support and activism.